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Waiting Maurice Doherty
Waiting (Video still) 02:32


Video Installation
Duration: 33min 12sec (looped)
Dimensions: 220cm x 175cm
Sound: stereo                            

‘Waiting’ is a video installation by Maurice Doherty, where five waitresses were employed to each stand and hold a tray of filled champagne glasses for as long as possible. Recorded, as a single shot in real-time and projected life-size, voyeuristic implication becomes an integral part of the installation and synonymous to the protagonist’s travails. Time not only functions as a medium but as a weight and an ordeal; it does not pass, so much as press.



Installation View
Show IV - MMX
, Berlin


“In the next room of the ample exhibition space is a rather clever video piece, 'Waiting' by Maurice Doherty. Five waitresses stare straight at the camera, each holding a tray with flutes of what looked like champagne. They stand rigid, holding the pose, faces blank, the trays beginning to wobble slightly as their arms strain to hold the weight aloft. Slowly, one by one they drop their trays, sending shattered glass and liquid over the floor.

This piece is thoughtfully done, an eloquent underlining of the way poses are a prerequisite of daily living. The waitress holds her trays, plays their part. Here, self is subsumed in the role, a mannered representation. Poses are demanded of us all the time. Perhaps it is only in isolation or with those closest to us that we can be ourselves. For the most part we must hold that tray in place, keep our shoulders back at the till, perfect a corporate smile. As a witty commentary on self-as-performance this piece is wonderful.”

Disconnected: Everyday Tension, Golden Thread Gallery Belfast - Culture Northern Ireland - Joanne Savage


Waiting (Video still) 16:23



Waiting (Video still) 32:02

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