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New Video Project in collaboration with
Belgian video artist Wim Catrysse





Maurice Doherty & David Sherry

HilbertRaum, Berlin, Germany
Opening: Friday Juli 26, 6pm - 10pm
Exhibition: 27.07.2019 - 04.08.2019


Works by Maurice Doherty & David Sherry

HilbertRaum is delighted to invite you to PORTRAIT OF A PLANET ON THE VERGE OF CATASTROPHE, an exhibition of new installations and conceptual artworks by Maurice Doherty and a collection of new drawings, video works and performances by David Sherry.

Over the past two decades, both Doherty and Sherry have featured together in many group shows in Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany, USA and China. After 20 years of featuring alongside one another, Hilbertraum (Berlin) is very pleased to present the artists’ very first ever duo exhibition. PORTRAIT OF A PLANET ON THE VERGE OF CATASTROPHE confronts humanity and the planet’s most pressing issues that grow more palpable each day - climate change and species extinction, an increased threat of thermonuclear war and the wide acceptance of extremist political ideologies in global politics. The artists respond to these catastrophic threats through the immediacy and clarity of conceptual, performance and text-based artworks, together with a compilation of videos and conceptual drawings. As artists, Doherty and Sherry share an interest in exploring the creative act as an intuitive and cerebral process - as a way to communicate on a more visceral and human level, not without a cutting sense of humour.

Doherty uses a cross-disciplinary approach that highlights ethical quandaries of human progress and resilience. His artworks routinely question the legitimacy of different modern day power structures, oftentimes setting up parameters that allow for viewer engagement. One of his new sculptural pieces which inspired the title of the exhibition - „Portrait Of A Planet On The Verge Of Catastrophe“ - consists of a biosemiotic environment that seeks to critically address notions of our ecological future, our interrelationships with different ecosystems and how the natural world can often appear immutable until it suddenly collapses. Passive bystanders usually act as the social pillars of human catastrophe: we fail to evaluate appropriately our own position in the given situation, and our role as agents and accomplices. Doherty’s new work addresses this diffuse sense of responsibility without offering apologies or solutions. His artworks for this exhibition are direct, double-edged and pretty unforgiving.

Likewise, Sherry’s unique form of philosophical research on what is perceived as normality in society encourages us to take a moment to reflect on our own attitudes and behaviours at this particular time on earth. The results are often comical, absurd and surreal but still strive to provide a valuable commentary on important social and political issues of contemporary life. While presenting video works and a new series of

drawings, a special feature of the exhibition will be a performance on the opening night, when Sherry will perform „Smashing Head“. This performance acts as a violent alternative to the practice of mindfulness meditation, an offering that is meant to help us cope with the ravages of modern day living. Like Mindfulness, Sherry says „Smashing Head“ also increases awareness, clarity and a non-judgemental acceptance of our present-moment reality. Sherry’s self-imposed self-abuse will strive to heighten the audience’s sense of survival, and hopes to preserve our sanity on a PLANET ON THE VERGE OF CATASTROPHE.

Doherty and Sherry first met in 1994 during their BA in Fine Art at the University of Ulster (Belfast, Northern Ireland) and met again in 1999 studying for an MFA at Glasgow School of Art (Scotland). During their formative years in Belfast, both artists became very influenced by the direct approach of performance art that has been prevalent in Northern Ireland since 1970s. Their use of humour and language along with absurdist methods can also be found amongst Scottish contemporary art in Glasgow, where the artists socialized, discussed ideas and often worked together on projects for over 10 years. During this time, Sherry became known for sewing pieces of balsa wood to the soles of his feet and carrying a bucket of water around for a week. Doherty made performances to video cameras, like standing upright until falling over from exhaustion and setting up prognosticating art installations that had the potential to kill gallery visitors.

A recent group exhibition in 2016 titled „The Laughable Enigma of Ordinary Life“ at the Centro de Artes Contemporâneas in São Miguel (Azores) featured both artists: Doherty presented a red neon sign declaring “I Slept With The Curator To Get This Show” alongside Sherry’s performance video „Running for the Bus“. In the video we watch Sherry continually failing to catch a series of buses just as they drive away from their scheduled stop. Running after the departing vehicles with two heavy bags of shopping, Sherry’s work invokes visually a kind of inverted and completely uncourageous version of the Tank Man in Tiananmen Square.

Opening: Friday Juli 26, 6pm - 10pm
Exhibition: 27.07.2019 - 04.08.2019




Ali M. Demirel "$100" , 2003, DV, 5'18', all image rights at the artist

- about new authenticity -
A/A, Halil Altindere, Carsten Becker, Ekaterina Burlyga, Catch a Falling Knife Collective, Yvon Chabrowski, Mark Clare, Merve Çanakci, Ali M. Demirel, Maurice Doherty, Mona El Gammal, Ingo Gerken, Ivana Franke, Caroline Kryzecki, Pierre-Etiene Morelle, Özgür Erkök Moroder & Steffi Weismann, Barbara Müller, Sladjan Nedeljkovic, Jakob Roepke, The Swan Collective, Pilvi Takala, Philip Topolovac & Markus Proschek, Chompunuch Vanichayanguranon & Theerawat Klangjareonchai, Ulrich Vogl and Maria Viftrup

curated by Ece Pazarbasi and Stephan Klee

There is an empty bank at Karl Marx Straße, it still stands as the relict of the financial vision of the past centuries. Now the employers have left the building, the vaults are open and the cash machines are dismantled. This institution of faith in cash, trust in money and illusion of prosperity for the many not for the few has moved out. Within this empty shell, one cannot help asking, what else is substantial nowadays, what else is echt?

In a world interspersed with spectacle, illusions, hollow visions and unfulfilled dreams it does not get only harder to authenticate a thing, but also echt changes its meaning dynamically. Using the bank as a collective laboratory of visions and statements regarding the meaning of realness today in our society, the exhibition brings together 32 works from 25 artists and groups around the sub themes of matter, body and authenticity.



Alte Sparkasse
Karl-Marx-Str. 107
12043 Berlin

22 Jun  - 1 Jul 2018

Fri 22 Jun 7 pm - Sat 23 Jun 2 am

General opening times
Sat 23 Jun 12 – Sun 24 June 2am
Sun 24 Jun 12 – 7 pm
Tue 26 Jun – Sun 1 Jul 12 – 6 pm

Concept and curation by
Kultur Netzwerk Neukölln e.V., Ece Pazarbasi and Stephan Klee



Antwerp Art Weekend   ANTWERP ART WEEKEND

Ksenija Jovišević & Maurice Doherty
12pm May 25 - May 27 2018
The Living Room:
Kielsevest 23
Antwerp, Belgium

During Antwerp Art Weekend current residents Ksenija Jovišević & Maurice Doherty present their work in a duo-presentation in The Living Room.

Further infos: 

Image: Ksenija Jovišević




Slept with Curator

Maurice Doherty, I Slept with The Curator To Get This Show (2016) Neon, Courtesy of the Artist

DOUBLE ACT: Art and Comedy

Exhibition preview: Thurs 5 May 
Exhibition continues to 31 July 2016

The MAC Belfast
10 Exchange Street West,
Belfast, BT1 2NJ

The exhibition will take place at two venues: at the MAC and at Bluecoat Liverpool, with each venue presenting a different line up of artists simultaneously.

Artists at the MAC include: Bas Jan Ader, Cory Arcangel, Terry Atkinson, Mel Brimfield, Common Culture, Keith Coventry, Maurice Doherty, Richard Hughes, Paul McCarthy, Jonathan Monk, Adrian Paci, Julian Rosefeldt, Joachim Schmid, Michael Smith, John Smith, Richard Wentworth, Olav Westphalen, and Erwin Wurm.





  The Number Shop
188-190 Pleasance,
EH8 9RT Edinburgh
United Kingdom






Double Act: Art and Comedy

Saturday 9 April – Sunday 19 June 2016
Viewing: Friday 8 April 2016, 
Gallery 18.00 – 21.00
Bar and DJs 18.00 – 23.0


  Double Act Art and Comedy
    IMAGE CREDIT: David Sherry

Alex Bag // BANK // Mel Brimfield // Common Culture // Jo Spence and Terry Dennett // Maurice Doherty // Erica Eyres // Peter Finnemore // Thomas Geiger // Kara Hearn // Peter Land // Sarah Lucas // Gemma Marmalade // David Sherry // Pilvi Takala // Bill Woodrow

Double Act: Art and Comedy explores how comedy helps us to shape meaning and negotiate the complexities of everyday life. The show draws together artists from diverse cultural and political contexts, each of whom share an interest in humour as a resource to animate their art practice.

The exhibition curators, David Campbell and Mark Durden, are founding members of the artists’ group Common Culture and are currently studio holders at Bluecoat. This project stems from explorations in their own work of the comedic impulse within contemporary British culture.

The exhibition is itself a ‘double act’ and will be held at two venues, Bluecoat and The MAC, Belfast.
Double Act: Art and Comedy takes place at The MAC, Belfast from 6 May – 31 Jul 2016.

Exhibition continues at Bluecoat until Sun 19 June.
Open Mon – Sat 10am – 6pm, Sun 11am – 6pm. Free entry.












Opening: 7pm January 7th 2016

Rabbit Hole Studio
33 Washington St, Brooklyn, New York 11201






Vanishing Futures
Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art
22.10.2015 - 5.12.2015
Curated by Peter Richards



  Golden Thread Gallery
    IMAGE CREDIT: Ian Charlesworth

Vanishing Futures is the twelfth and final instalment of the Golden Thread Gallery’s series of Collective Histories exhibitions. For this, the final instalment, Peter Richards, the series instigator, will bring together works by a number of artists that have played their part in shaping and enriching his experience of living in Belfast for the last twenty years and more. The exhibition will feature works from the late 1970’s through to the present day and embrace, where plausible, the construct of world-weary déjà vu.

Artists featured include: Lorraine Burrell; Lisa Byrne; Ursula Burke; Ian Charlesworth; Colin Darke; Miriam de Búrca; Maurice Doherty; Factotum; Ciara Finnegan; Phillip Hession; Alan Hughes; Shiro Masauyama; Moira McIver; William McKeown; Phillip Napier; Sinead O’Donnell; Brendan O’Neil;  Paul Seawright; Peter Spiers; Una Walker.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the launch of the twelfth and final publication in the series, and the launch of a limited edition box set featuring all twelve publications.




Maurice Doherty - Appropriating Language 8

Manière Noire
Waldenserstr 7a
10551 Berlin

Opening: 31.07.2015 at 7 PM

Regular hours: Thursdays 9:30 am – 4 pm
And by appointment:


“The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add more.”
- Douglas Huebler, 1969

Manière Noire is delighted to announce for the 8th exhibition of its continuing Appropriating Language series a solo exhibition entitled, MAKEARTHISTORY by Ireland and Berlin-based artist Maurice Doherty. 

The exhibition MAKEARTHISTORY focuses on Doherty’s recurring theme of the concept and processes of ‘not making art’. By combining language and notions of the old avant-garde dream of erasing the boundary between art and life, MAKEARTHISTORY attempts to alter our understanding of the nature and possibilities of what present-day art can be and what contemporary life could mean. Presenting new conceptual works along with previously unseen performance archive material - words, titles and gestures push against societal restraints to open up the possibility for new ideas and interpretations of how we appropriate language and (not making) art as social beings. With his somewhat playful view of life and art, Doherty offers reflections and curious insights into the existence, feelings and paradoxical circumstances of an artist in today’s world.


Scissor is an event series dedicated to showing contemporary durational and time-based art, across all media, presented by Kovács/O’Doherty.

Scissor #3 will take place at Nachbarschaftsgalerie, Alt-Treptow, on March 4th, and will show the work of:

  • Annabel Hesselink
  • Maurice Doherty
  • Tim Taylor




NOV 8 – DEC 20, 2014
Selected by Pierre Granoux & Jordan/Seydoux

LAGE EGAL Raum für aktuelle Kunst
10407 BERLIN

WED – FRI, 2 – 6 pm
www.lage-egal.de > >

Jordan/Seydoux Drawings & Prints 
Auguststr. 22, 10117 Berlin

TUE – SAT, 12 am – 6 pm


Adib Fricke • Alekos Hofstetter • Alex Hanimann • Alexander Negrelli • Andreas Burger • Annette Hollywood • Antoanetta Marinov • Art & Language • Bignia Wehrli • BORIS+NATASCHA • Bruno Nagel • Claude Faure • Claude Horstmann • Claudia de la Torre • Francisco da Mata • François Morellet • Françoise Mairey • Georg Baselitz • Ilse Ermen • James Brooks • Joel Ducorroy • John Giorno • Judith Karcheter • Knut Hertel • Lawrence Weiner • Marc Rebollo • Mark Lammert • Mark Themann • Maurice Doherty • Nanne Meyer • P. Nicolas Ledoux • Patxi Bergé • Peter Morrens • Pierre Granoux • Piotr Dluzniewski • Reinhard Doubrawa • Roland Boden • Roland Moreau • Sam Grigorian • Sharka Hyland • Sophia Pompéry • Sven Stuckenschmidt • Thomas Huber • Ursula Döbereiner




How Glasgow Stole the Idea of Contemporary Artby A. Kennedy

How Glasgow Stole the Idea of Contemporary Art collects most of his relevant work published during this time, and should be of vital interest to those looking for an overview of the Glasgow art scene from a first-hand critical perspective. Some of the texts are short, and cover an artist’s exhibition in three or five hundred words for a magazine column, others are longer essays and verbatim lecture notes, placing an artist’s work beside his or her contemporaries in Glasgow, or in a wider international art historical context. 




26.05.2014  /  by  /  Video Talks






Saturday, 11.01.2014, 20:00 h / 8pm
A videoshow curated by Clemens Wilhelm

Dwayne Butcher 
Francisco Montoya Cazarez 
Maurice Doherty
Eric Fleischauer 
Constantin Hartenstein 
David Sherry
Martin Skauen 
Klaus Taschler 
Rizki Resa Utama
Clemens Wilhelm 

Kreuzberg Pavillon, Naunynstrasse 53. 10999 Berlin








New work for a publication for the Future State.

Future State is a creative research collective exploring cultural responses to contemporary crises, a collaboration between Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA), Future State and Goldsmiths, University of London 


  Future State Art



Psychic Driving - Maurice Doherty


Psychic Driving



Launches between 6.00 & 8.00pm. Thursday 22nd August


22 August – 05 October 2013 Maurice Doherty – Ciara Finnegan – Kandy Fong – James Franco – Kristin Lucas – Nicolas Provost
Nancy Jo Sales – Peter Spiers – Jeanne Susplugas

Psychic Driving has been curated in collaboration with Ben Crothers.

Golden Thread Gallery
84-94 Great Patrick Street Belfast
BT1 2LU T. +44 (0) 28 9033 0920

E. info@gtgallery.co.uk -
See more at: http://goldenthreadgallery.co.uk/

Rooting itself in film, video and the language of cinema, Psychic Driving explores the consequences of fascination and obsession. Through the intense study of a specific subject, the potential exists to become consumed by it, losing sight of what we were initially drawn to or captivated by.Something instinctual now drives these obsessions over which we no longer have control, and both the subject and ourselves risk being forever altered, for better or >worse. Propelled by fascination, we love, interrogate and probe, but these acts can ultimately become harmful and obsessive, with the power to transform, mutate and destroy. Read more > >





Vernissage am Mittwoch, 28. August 2013, ab 19 Uhr
Dauer der Ausstellung: 29. August bis 20. Oktober 2013
LAGE EGAL #SUER GAZ (Arbeitstitel)

Ulrich Krauss / ZAGREUS Projekt
Brunnenstraße 9a (2. Hinterhof), 10119 Berlin
Information und Reservierung unter:
030 28095640 / info@zagreus.net
oder Pierre Granoux :
0173-1807226 / egal@lage-berlin.de




Maurice Doherty - Waiting


  Image: Maurice Doherty, Waiting, 2010






courtesy Lage Egal Raum für aktuelle Kunst

courtesy Galerie Thomas Crämer

Vernissage: Samstag, 1. Juni 2013, 18 bis 22 Uhr
Dauer der Ausstellung: 2. bis 8. Juni 2013
Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag bis Freitag, 15 bis 18 Uhr

Lage Egal #CLUSTER ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt
von Thomas Crämer und Pierre Granoux

Lage Egal
Einladungskarte: Heidi Sieverding, 2013


Neither Here Nor There

Curated by Jane Hughes and Enda O'Donoghue

Grimmuseum, Berlin
Opening: Friday 12th April 2013 at 7pm
Exhibition runs from 13th April to 5th May 2013

Artists: Mark Curran, Benjamin de Burca, Maurice Doherty, David Hedderman, Jane Hughes, Sophie Iremonger,
Eoin Llewllyn, LiFeLooP (aka Séamus O’Donnell), Enda O’Donoghue and David O’Kane.


Fichtestrasse 2
10967 Berlin
Opening hours: Wed – Sun 2pm – 7pm
e-mail: info@grimmuseum.com

  Contemporary Irish Art

The exhibition will be supported by Culture Ireland as part of the EU presidency fund.

(Ireland will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union during the first six months of 2013.  Through this programme it is hoped to engage with citizens within Europe and beyond. The Presidency coincides with the 40th anniversary of Ireland’s accession to the EU and 2013 is also likely to be designated as the European Year of Citizens. The cultural programme offers the opportunity to expand the reach of Irish culture to new audiences and to build on the presence of Irish artists at key European festivals and venues. It is intended to present a range of artistic events across the EU with a special focus on France and Germany.






LAGE EGAL Raum für aktuelle Kunst
Danzigerstr. 145 10407 Berlin

Vernissage: Donnerstag, den 17. Januar 2013, 18-23 Uhr
Dauer der Ausstellung: 18. Januar bis 23. Februar 2013
geöffnet Freitag bis Samstag, 14 bis 18 Uhr u.n.V.

Alles begann an einem 17. Januar vor 1.000.000 Jahren. 
Ein Mann nahm einen trockenen Schwamm und ließ ihn in einen Eimer Wasser fallen. 
Wer dieser Mann war ist nicht wichtig. Er ist tot, aber die Kunst ist lebendig.

Der französische Künstler Robert Filliou legte 1963 den Geburtstag der Kunst auf den 17. Januar – den Tag seines Geburtstages – eine Millionen Jahre zuvor. Inzwischen setzen Freunde und Sympathisanten die Geburtstagstradition fort. Sowie hier bei Lage Egal, zum zweiten Mal und zeitgleich mit dem 2. Geburtstag des Ausstellungsraumes! Gezeigt werden kleinere Werke und Editionen von Künstlerinnen und Künstlern, die bereits bei Lage Egal ausgestellt haben sowie von solchen, die für 2013 programmiert sind. Mit der Jahresgaben Ausstellung 2013 präsentiert Lage Egal Raum für aktuelle Kunst Arbeiten von mehr als 20 ausgewählten Künstlerinnen und Künstlern zu vergleichbar günstigen Preisen. Mit dem Kauf einer Jahresgabe unterstützen Sie nicht nur Lage Egal und sein zukünftiges Programm, sondern auch ganz wesentlich die teilnehmenden Künstlerinnen und Künstler.





Last Days Of Analogue

The Last Days of Analogue

New artwork for the Last Days of Analogue

Following the last switch off of analogue TV signal in the UK* – on the 24th October 2012 – this site will become a place to collect and display ideas, thoughts, memories, artworks,sounds, music and links as a response to this historic televisual moment.

The website was developed as a way to gather together creative responses to the last days of analogue. We will be inviting selected artists, writers and musicians to respond to the overall theme in whatever way they feel most appropriate within the context of this website.

Stephen Hurrel & Mark Lyken









A Golden Thread Gallery touring exhibition.

Opening 15th November 2012


Participating artists include Martin Boyle, Ursula Burke, Maurice Doherty, Sara Greavu, Michael Hanna, Jenny Keane, Nicky Keogh, David Mahon & Helen Skullduggery, Deirdre McKenna, Katherine Nolan, Ciaran O’Dochartaigh, Brendan O’Neill, Anne Quail, Gary Shaw, Peter Spiers

Instances of Agreement is an exhibition that brings together a range of artists and artworks from the North of Ireland in an attempt to explore the often complex and problematic nature of an agreement. The exhibition focuses on the formation and realisation of an agreement, as demonstrated between artist and artwork, artwork and viewer.

Waiting, a video installation by Maurice Doherty, dares viewers to look away. Five waitresses were employed to stand holding champagne glasses on a tray for as long as possible. Inevitably, one by one they drop their trays, but the wait for the expected crash is mesmerising, and the tension felt by the waitresses is magnified in the viewer, as their voyeurism implicates them in the conclusion. If the viewer chooses to stay watching, they have tacitly agreed to share the anxiety.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council.




ACE Gold


Performances and happenings with ACE participants, music, food, and an art themed tombola DJ set TBASSROBOT
Opening Reception: Friday, Jun. 1; 7pm – 12am
Potsdamer Strasse 91

Conceived and implemented by Alexine Chanel and the Freies Museum.







Apocalypse NOW NOW

Sat 5th May, 8pm - 2am. Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow
An event to mark the end of the world as we know it and see in the bells of the new dawn on the 5th of May 2012. Bar on site.






Maurice Doherty - Anything Helps, 48 Sheet, Birmingham, England

For 48 Sheet, the artist has created a text piece: with an apparently hastily scribbled sentence that resonates in its white frame, the viewer is reminded of one of life’s simplest of pleasures, although one can’t help but assume that the piece itsself was written with a wry smile. 48Sheet a project by EC Arts is an artistic intervention aiming to transform the city of Birmingham and parts of the region into a urban gallery. From the 2 – 29 April 2012 up to 100 10ft x 20ft 48Sheet billboards are being utilised as a platforms for creative expression by 29 artists.

Regional, national and international artists including MadeIn Company (Shanghai) and Raqs Media Collective (Delhi) have created work to exhibit on the large scale public platforms. Artists responded to and challenged the repetitive rhythm of a traditional advertising campaign by creating a network of unique and distinctive responses that will raise levels of consciousness and arouse cultural curiosity.






Zeitgenössische Kunst im Lichthof 
des Hauptgebäudes der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Eröffnung am 17. April 2012, 19-22 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer bis zum 22. Mai 2012
Öffnungszeiten Mi-Fr, 12-18 Uhr

Press Release

With “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” (1969/70) the poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron wrote one of the most important protest songs of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, still popular to this day. Gil Scott-Heron?s spoken-word-performance is just as much an appeal against racism as it is a critique of the representation of political protests in the media: Revolutions defy being captured in (media) images, their historic complexity and immediate discharge of physical force go beyond the scope of visual representation. Nevertheless, in times of mobile cameras, YouTube, and Facebook, images as witnesses of political events have become decisive evidence and even motors of political movements – the events on the Tahrir-Square in February of 2011 offer only one of many possible examples. Foremost, the relationship between text and image plays a crucial role: Only by means of a textual localization do images dispersed in digital space receive their context and hence their potency as instruments of political pressure.

Conscious of the fact that protest movements can neither be compared in their content nor musealized in the context of an (art) exhibition, LANGUAGES OF REVOLUTION focuses on works of art dealing with one common denominator of many protest movements: their language.

Against the background of globalization, it becomes significant that similar buzzwords, signs, and slogans are used for completely different political movements, thereby undergoing considerable transformations. For the artworks brought together in LANGUAGES OF REVOLUTION, the following questions are of central relevance: Which language-codes and visual signs do different political movements employ? Which changes or ideological coloration is their language thereby subjected to? How and where are the slogans and signs picked up that become converted into expressions of political rebellion?

At a point of mergence between scripture and image, the exhibition shows works by international artists who explore the strategies of political appeal and public refusal.

With works by: 

Nikusha Chkhaidze, Maurice Doherty, Elín Hansdóttir, Constantin Hartenstein, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Dan Perjovschi, Nasan Tur, Sandra Schäfer, Santiago Sierra, Klaus Staeck, Clemens Wilhelm, Qi Zi u.a.


Curated by Jana Johanna Häckel



Lost in Lust: the Representation and Mis-representation of Woman at SCOPE, New York

Booth H13

7th-11th March 2012

Lost in Lust: the Representation and Mis-representation of Woman is a group project. Each of the artists involved has a distinct voice in this debate and each approach the idea of “woman” from different vantage points. A mixture of photography, video, object-based work, drawing and performance, the project will challenge notions of femininity and representation.

Ursula Burke, Allan Hughes, Jenny Keane, Deirdre McKenna, Katherine Nolan and Maurice Doherty combine to carry on the Golden Thread Gallery’s tradition of platforming the work of Northern Irish based artists and those influenced by time spent here. Each of the artists both covertly and explicitly play with the idea of exploitation and question who, if anyone, is being exploited. Voyeurism, pornography, myth and tradition are all explored and our attitudes queried and interrogated.

With live performances by Katherine Nolan at the preview.

  Maurice Doherty LHOOQ
Readymaid, L.H.O.O.Q. Maurice Doherty 2012

Golden Thread Gallery offers the only not-for-profit artist representation in Northern Ireland, and has developed its art fair participation in order to profile artists from the region on an international scale and establish a commercial market for their practice, at fairs including Berliner Liste and the London Art Fair.





Expo Open (Exhibition of International Sound Art) 

Tuchfabrik Trier , Germany
3. Febr. - 24. Febr. 2012

Die im Rahmen des Openingfestivals12 stattfindende Ausstellung zeigt Arbeiten internationaler Künstler, die sich seit langem im weitesten Sinne mit Klangkunst auseinandersetzen: Der in Berlin und Montevideo lebende Bildhauer Lukas Kühne zeigt,"serie armónica", eine „stille" Klangarbeit.
Die „Fingerboards“, des Komponisten, Cellisten und bildenden Künstlers Michael Bach Bachtischa aus Frankreich bilden Fingerabdrücke von Kompositionen auf Karton ab, welche unter den Saiten und am Cellogriffbrett entstanden sind. Der gebürtige Schotte Maurice Doherty präsentiert das Video: „Waiting 2010“, in welchem Stille durch mehrere Fortissimo-Ereignisse unterbrochen wird.

„Tropf-Ensemble VI“ ist eine Installation von Bernd Bleffert mit vielfach rhythmischen Überlagerungen von tropfendem Wasser.

Marcus Kaiser aus Düsseldorf, Komponist, Cellist und bildender Künstler installiert eigens für Open-Expo eine raumgreifende Plastik, die mit dem Klang lebender Hummeln arbeitet.

Vernissage: Freitag, 3. Febr. 17:00 Uhr Ausstellungsdauer: 3. – 24. Februar 2012 Ausstellungsraum und Galerie 2. OG Finissage: Freitag, 24.Februar 19:00

With support from Creative Scotland.






16.2.2012 - 24.3.2012


Golden Thread Gallery Belfast
84-94 Great Patrick Street, Belfast
BT1 2LU Northern Ireland


Drawing inspiration from the 1924 Russian propaganda animation of the same name, Interplanetary Revolution is an exhibition looking at failing/ed ideologies; notions of otherworldliness and the uncanny; and revolutionary critique. The exhibition features contributions from a wide range of artists’, a few curators, a choir and a number of guest speakers.

Gallery 1 – It should be noted that through the duration of exhibition the artists and works in Gallery 1 may change.

The opening of the exhibition features works by: Shiro Masuyama, Gary Shaw, Laura Graham, Susan MacWilliam, Marty Carter & the Lawerence Street Workshops, Brendan Jamison, Brendan O’Neil, Colin Darke, Kim McAleese & Phillip McCrilly, Gerry Gleason and the Factotum Choir.

The Backspace features Interplanetary by Ben Crothers, a new exhibition with works by: Chris Burns, Adham Faramawy, The Girls, Allan Hughes, Ryan Moffet, Brian Kennedy, Laura McMorrow, Nicolas Provost, Erik Mark Sandberg, and David Sparshott.

Gallery 2 features R E V O L U T I O N, the reworking of an exhibition curated by Maurice Doherty for Galerie Deadfly, Berlin last September.Revolution Clockwise entering from backspace  – Ma Qiush,  Reynold Reynolds, Jofroi Amaral, Sophie Hamacher, Clemens Wilhelm, Pierre Granoux , Peter Richards, Anonymous, Rebecca Loyche, Captain Hate.

Gallery 3 Jonas Mekas, The Brigg, 1964. A video reproduction of a 16mm film courtesy of the Re-Voir. “this harrowing screen exercise depicts the methodical, round-the-clock fiendishness inflicted on 10 prisoners by three guards, all of it apparently in the line of duty” New York Times




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