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Guinness Maurice Doherty

Guinness Is Good For You
– (Documentation of Performance)
Format: VHS video transferred to digital / framed prints of letters (50cm x 60cm)
Duration: 5 hours and 34 minutes
Date: 1997/2015

Performed in 1997, while completing his Bachelor Degree in Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast, the video ‘Guinness Is Good For You’ consists of documentation of one of Doherty’s earliest performance works. Inspired by ideas of extreme body art and performance, along with the alcohol company’s famous 1928 slogan ‘Guinness Is Good For You’, Doherty appropriates these five words as a fait accompli. In this quasi-masochistic performance consisting of five and half hours of footage, the artist attempts to drink as much Guinness as possible. Filmed with his art school friends in Belfast, Ireland, after eight and a quarter pints of the black beer, Doherty eventually falls asleep, then wakes up again before staggering over to switch off the camera.

The video is exhibited along with the artist’s correspondence to and from Guinness, Northern Ireland, seeking sponsorship for the costs of the performance and it’s documentation.











Installation View - Exhibition: MAKEARTHISTORY - Installation View, Manière Noire, Berlin




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