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Conceptual Artist Seeks Work (Detail) Format: Advertisement in ‘Jobs Wanted' 
Location: BZ am Sonntag
Date:12 July 2015
Edition: Approximately - 200,000
Artist's Edition: 1/12

Conceptual Artist Seeks Work
Published in BZ am Sonntag, Berlin by Ullstein-Verlag / Axel Springer AG (12 July 2015)



Conceptual Artist Seeks Work (Detail - BZ am Sonntag, Berlin)

In ‘Conceptual Artist Seeks Work’, Doherty placed an advertisement in the ‘jobs wanted’ section of a local newspaper, the BZ-Berliner Kurier. With a strong sense of irony, the artist states that he has the skills, knowledge and experience to offer perhaps the very highest ideals any artist could hope for in their life or with their work. By using a medium of mass culture (a tabloid newspaper) Doherty seeks to bring to a wider audience questions normally considered only in high culture, such as the role and function of art and the artist in today’s society. Reflecting on the idealistic notions and paradoxical circumstances of the contemporary artist, his statements continue to ask these questions of each beholder who encounters them.

Exhibition text: MAKEARTHISTORY, Manière Noire, Berlin







Conceptual Artist - Maurice Doherty

Installation View - Exhibition: MAKEARTHISTORY - Installation View, Manière Noire, Berlin

Conceptual Artist Seeks Work
Format: Newspaper clipping on passepartout 
Dimensions: 50cm x 60cm (Framed) 
Date: 2015
Edition: Approximately - 200,000 / Artist Edition - 1/12

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